Coronavirus and philosophers. A Tribune (Agamben, Benvenuto, Cacciari, Cristi, Kristeva, Mbembe, Smith, Vatter)

“In accordance with an agreement reached with Routledge, many of the previously available papers that were found in these Tribunes on the Coronavirus have been permanently removed. These essays will be included in the forthcoming book: Coronavirus, Psychoanalysis and Philosophy: Conversations on Pandemics, Politics and Society (Editors: Fernando Castrillón & Thomas Marchevsky).”

May 2020


While quarantined and watching content on public TV, Australian viewers would have been confronted with the following slogan or mantra: “Stay home. Protect our health system. Save …
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On the Viral Event


In 1755, an earthquake devastated the city of Lisbon, with the best estimates placing the death toll somewhere between 30,000 and 75,000. As with our current crisis, the disaster …
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Originally published in Gauchazh on March 31, 2020


The coronavirus is changing the form in which we think about the human body.  It was converted into a weapon, …
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Pandemics and Philosophy


Last February 22nd, the CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) publicly declared: “there is no Sars-CoV2 in Italy.”  The CNR acknowledged the outbreak of an infectious flu which could cause …
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The philosopher Cacciari has told Huffington Post: “Only an irresponsible person can be at peace at a time like this.  In these conditions.  [Italian] government has not yet been …
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Reflections on the plague

The following reflections are not about the epidemic, but what we can understand from people’s reactions to it.  It is a question, that is, of reflecting on the ease with …
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Coronavirus and philosophers

Michel Foucault

From “Discipline and Punish. The Birth of the Prison”, translated by A. Sheridan, pp. 195-228. Vintage Books, 1995.

(in collaboration with the Journal “Antinomie”,


The following, according to …
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