Enduring Pandemic: Further Transmissions from Psychoanalysts & Philosophers (Adleman & Vanderwees; Leader; Irigaray; Harris, Boyle, Buse, Liner & Caputo; Goetzmann; Baross; Esposito)

Debate on the Green Pass: Roberto Esposito

Interview with Roberto Esposito by Francesco Borgonovo

(Published in Italian at La Verità: https://www.laverita.info/roberto-esposito-limite-stato-emergenza-2655178070.html)


Francesco Borgonovo: You have written a fundamental book on immunity.  Today it seems to …
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Some of my (not so young) friends who work in “culture factories,” commenting on the pandemic times in which we’re living, have told me, “I detest video conferences/classes/seminars/groups. Why …
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“Philosopher en temps d’épidémie”: the syntagma serves as the title for the open series of critical reflections that Jérôme Lèbre (I suspect with the complicity of Jean-Luc Nancy) inaugurates …
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Figure 1: Walter Molino (1962), Cover of the Dominica del Corriere (https://www.this-is-italy.com/in-1962-an-italian-magazine/), last access: August 13th, 2020



Il n’y …
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Writing on psychoanalysis at the moment seems to me to return to another epoch of history that a mere virus has called into question. How and in what mode …
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Working in the Reverberation of Après-Coup: Three Ecologies.




Adrienne Harris


We start with two quotes from Jean-Luc Nancy from this journal. First, “The creative brutality of the virus spreads as administrative brutality” (Nancy, 2020). …
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“Can you remember a time so full of death as the present one?” wrote Freud in early 1920, after the death of his daughter Sophie from the so-called Spanish Flu, …
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Peering into and Breathing in the Cloud

Whenever scholars, politicians, and the media scramble to get a handle on a crisis, they often resort to what Marshall McLuhan characterized …
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