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The philosopher Cacciari has told Huffington Post: “Only an irresponsible person can be at peace at a time like this.  In these conditions.  [Italian] government has not yet been …
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March 31, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has rather spectacularly confirmed the relevance of the philosophical paradigm known as biopolitics.  Not only are we specimens of a biological species …
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I received this email at the beginning of 2020:


Dear Dr Sergio, Let me introduce myself I am Matt Wolf, Drama and Literature critic at the Guardian …
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Reflections on the plague

The following reflections are not about the epidemic, but what we can understand from people’s reactions to it.  It is a question, that is, of reflecting on the ease with …
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Vitam instituere


If I had to name the task that the coronavirus entrusts us with, I would use the ancient Latin expression “vitam instituere”.  Without retracing its history – it is …
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A Much Too Human Virus

Jean-Luc Nancy:


As it has often been said, since 1945 Europe has been exporting its wars.  Having fallen apart, it was unable to do anything but spread its disunion …
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The Truth about Coronavirus


There are urgent new demands being made to psychoanalysts.  They come in the form of requests for assistance: ‘help me to wake up from the nightmare of our current …
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The Coronavirus outbreak is taking pandemic proportions. This event, which brings together scientists the world over, also raises questions for psychoanalysts. It raises questions about the body as a given, …
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Coronavirus and philosophers

Michel Foucault

From “Discipline and Punish. The Birth of the Prison”, translated by A. Sheridan, pp. 195-228. Vintage Books, 1995.

(in collaboration with the Journal “Antinomie”,


The following, according to …
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Elisabeth Roudinesco and the Dolto Case. An Interview

Daily newspaper Libération, 7 February 2020.


“Dolto, Foucault, Matzneff: no distinction is made anymore between paedophiles and thinkers”

Interview by Eric Favereau


In this interview Roudinesco refers to …
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