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At what conditions is it possible to do philosophy today? This question has obsessed Alain Badiou for over fifty years and since his early work Manifesto for Philosophyhas found at …
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(For the Mexican journal INTEMPESTIVAS, on Psychoanalysis and Deconstruction)

When one sets out to examine the double theme of « deconstruction » and « psychoanalysis », what is obvious at once is …
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(Pour la revue mexicaine INTEMPESTIVAS, sur Psychanalyse et Déconstruction)

Lorsqu’on se voit proposer comme objet d’examen le couple de termes « déconstruction et psychanalyse », ce qui saute tout de suite …
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This text is the starting point for a discussion on Ethics from a philosophical – and psychoanalytical – point of view. Comments on Nykänen’s paper, as well as …
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Review of Lorenzo Chiesa: The Not-Two: Logic and God in Lacan

(MIT Press, 2016, 251+xxiii pp.)


If, for Jacques Lacan, the fundamental non-existence of a sexual relationship—that is, of …
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A-atheism: what is it? A stammer? Perhaps, but in that case it is of the same kind that seizes some persons (John of the Cross, for example) in …
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On the Verge

It was my friend Sergio Benvenuto who first suggested about the notion of homeland.  My initial reaction was that I would …
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When a happily married man and woman take advantage of the romantic atmosphere of Valentine’s day to spice up their sex-life with the help of a tantalizingly ticklish plumed feather, …
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 The author talks about the affective clandestinity of a paedophile patient within the analytic relationship. It can be either a patient’s communicative way of his …
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This Seminar took place in New York, October 18, 2016, at IPTAR Conference Room.

Organised by IPTAR, DAS UNBEHAGEN, The Candidate Journal

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