Apocalypse Now? Barbarism and Psychoanalysis (F. Castrillón, D. Koren, J.P. Lebrun)

Introducing the Apocalypse

The genesis of this set of three articles is to be found three years in the past, in a Parisian café amidst an enormous gathering of children protesting proposed cuts …
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During his seminar of 9th January 1997 Charles Melman made the following remark:


The 21st Century will be Lacanian or it will be barbarian. What people call …
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As an Introduction or From One Title to Another

The title I propose for this article, pastiche of two prestigious previous ones [1] and answers Jean-Pierre Lebrun’s article …
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Engaging the texts of J.P. Lebrun  and Daniel Koren published here, the author argues that the temporal sequencing of Lacan’s discourses in the …
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