Après coup. A Debate (J.-B. Pontalis; J. House; P. Gherovici; S. Benvenuto)

This conversation between Sergio Benvenuto and Jean-Bertrand Pontalis took place on 13 October 1989 in the latter’s office at Éditions Gallimard in Paris.

Sergio Benvenuto. Psychoanalysis is often …
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Lacan on Nachträglichkeit

In the interest of the integrity of scholarship, let us recall that besides Seminar 5 already discussed, Lacan addressed specifically Freud’s notion of Nachträglichkeit many times. Often Lacan refers to this …
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On Après-Coup. Riposte


The European Journal of Psychoanalysis has kindly agreed to publish a reply to what Jamieson Webster and Marcus Coelen (hereafter, collectively, J&M).  It is relevant to my last point …
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