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 The author talks about the affective clandestinity of a paedophile patient within the analytic relationship. It can be either a patient’s communicative way of his …
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This Seminar took place in New York, October 18, 2016, at IPTAR Conference Room.

Organised by IPTAR, DAS UNBEHAGEN, The Candidate Journal

We publish here the interventions


How best to describe this book, a passionate discourse?

Possibly by saying that it invites, and then disrupts, enjoyment, by proposing its own contract: You will read me more than …
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The purpose of my comments tonight is to invite Sergio to explore and clarify his views vis-à-vis those of Lacan, with whom he shares much conceptual terrain. Despite many convergences, …
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I would like to take a moment to thank the organizers and Sergio Benvenuto for providing a wonderful reason for this welcome exchange. Thank you.


One way to …
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What are we talking about when we talk about perversion?  Are we speaking within a statistical rubric—that is, are we talking about a subject whose sexual practices fall outside some …
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First of all, I apologize for replying only now – months after the public presentation – to the questions my colleagues put to me. It took me a long time …
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Introducing the Apocalypse

The genesis of this set of three articles is to be found three years in the past, in a Parisian café amidst an enormous gathering of children protesting proposed cuts …
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During his seminar of 9th January 1997 Charles Melman made the following remark:


The 21st Century will be Lacanian or it will be barbarian. What people call …
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As an Introduction or From One Title to Another

The title I propose for this article, pastiche of two prestigious previous ones [1] and answers Jean-Pierre Lebrun’s article …
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