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In her column in “Le Monde”, the historian E. Roudinesco deplores the loss of prestige suffered by the discipline, and argues in favour of returning to so-called “humanist” psychiatry. 


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The “so-called decline” of psychoanalysis is a “false diagnosis”, assert in a Forum inLe MondeSophie Marret-Maleval and Aurélie Pfauwadel, psychoanalysts and university professors, in response to a …
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This conversation between Sergio Benvenuto and Jean-Bertrand Pontalis took place on 13 October 1989 in the latter’s office at Éditions Gallimard in Paris.

Sergio Benvenuto. Psychoanalysis is often …
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On Après-Coup. Riposte


The European Journal of Psychoanalysis has kindly agreed to publish a reply to what Jamieson Webster and Marcus Coelen (hereafter, collectively, J&M).  It is relevant to my last point …
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A Response to Jonathan House’s Riposte

Jonathan House’s Riposte:


We have a disagreement about the scope of the concept of après-coup in Lacan. To say it in very general terms, the question of temporality is …
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Lacan on Nachträglichkeit

In the interest of the integrity of scholarship, let us recall that besides Seminar 5 already discussed, Lacan addressed specifically Freud’s notion of Nachträglichkeit many times. Often Lacan refers to this …
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A comment


I would like to add my observations to this ongoing debate in EJP on après-coup, particularly its relationship to other psychoanalytic concepts, especially those that seem most closely related and to occupy the …
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“The Uncanny” begins with Freud’s admission that he doesn’t know much about the subject: he is not prone to the uncanny feeling.  He is also not …
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Intimacy and Separateness in Psychoanalysis

by Warren S Poland

With a preface by Nancy Chodorow. Edited and introduced by William F. Cornell

Routledge 2018



Critics all …
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This text is the starting point for a discussion on Ethics from a philosophical – and psychoanalytical – point of view. Comments on Nykänen’s paper, as well as …
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