Submission Guidelines and Editorial Norms

Submissions are welcome throughout the year and must accord in full with APA Style 7th edition.

Kindly review the guidelines detailed below prior to submission. Submissions not in accord with the guidelines listed below will not be considered for review.


In terms of content, we are excited by writing that speaks to:

  • Clinical psychoanalytic issues and novel formulations regarding lived clinical practice;
  • Experimental and emergent advances in theory;
  • Novel contemporary movements in psychoanalytic thinking;
  • Controversies in the field of psychoanalysis and related areas (philosophy, the humanities, literature and the human (social) sciences);
  • New forms of psychopathology;
  • The future of psychoanalysis;
  • The history of psychoanalysis;
  • Extending conversations between different languages in psychoanalysis or interest areas.

We are not interested in:

  • Simple explications of theory (whichever theory that may be);
  • Introductory texts for analysts.

To submit manuscripts to the European Journal of Psychoanalysis, email the Managing Editor at with a Word Document (.docx) of your text, blinded and in APA 7th Style. Relevant author details and affiliations should be included in the body of your email in the form of a brief author bio.

For examples of author bio, see the following:


All manuscripts submitted to EJP should be formatted according to the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Kindly note, the EJP will not accept a manuscript for peer review process unless it is in full conformity with APA 7th edition norms.

7th edition APA Style and Grammar Guidelines are available here:

Additional resources for APA Style:

Note: EJP prefers foreign language words to appear in italics.

Blinded Review:

EJP utilizes a blinded peer review process. Articles should therefore be free of identifying markers of the author(s) identity prior to submission.

Abstract and Keywords:

Manuscripts must include an abstract (maximum 250 words) on the first page of the manuscript. After the abstract, authors should provide five keywords.


The EJP does not set a hard maximal limit for word-count for any paper. However, the EJP  accepts texts longer than 60,000 strokes (empty spaces included) only in exceptional cases.


References must be listed in alphabetical order. Each reference should be cited in the text itself, and each text cited must be included in the References section.

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