Conversations with Lacan

Publication of the book

Sergio Benvenuto

Conversations with Lacan,  Routledge, London 2020, ISBN 9780367148812.



“Sergio Benvenuto brings a fresh look on Lacan and on psychoanalysis that couldn’t be more right. Right because it discerns extremely well what distinguishes from every ‘lacanianism’ and from every theoretical construction a concern for the real as an impossibility to give reason. It thus distinguishes what makes Lacan, before anything else, a thinker among thinkers.” ―Jean-Luc Nancy, is a French philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Chair and Professor of Philosophy at The European Graduate School / EGS

“A conversation with Lacan is the last thing imaginable―he’s just so impenetrable, obstinate, clownish, exceptionally French! In this stunning, concise book, Sergio Benvenuto imagines the unimaginable, giving us a nondogmatic Lacan to converse, and even, play with. He turns Lacan’s tense flesh into feeling, life, and breath.” ―Jamieson Webster, psychoanalyst in New York, has written for the Guardian, the New York Times and is the author of several books


Sergio Benvenuto is a Psychoanalyst in Rome, Editor of the European Journal of Psychoanalysis, and Researcher in the Institute of Sciences and Technologies of Cognition at the Italian Council for Scientific Research in Rome.

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