Gender Uncertainties


The theme of ‘gender‘ – the rejection of male-female binarism and heteronormativity – striking at the foundations of the static-determinist view of the biologistic type, imposes rethinking on various disciplines: from the clinic, which is being asked to completely revise its approach to the issue, to legal doctrines, which must assess the consequences, and even affects the broader social vision, involving education and information.
The Freudian construct is also challenged: the Oedipus complex understood as the space-time in which the human and civil subject is constituted. Psychoanalysis itself, born as one of the most subversive disciplines in the West, unprepared for such an emergency, today risks repeating what it produced a few decades ago with regard to homosexuality: becoming a conservative theory of the human subject, inhibiting novelty and thought.
This series of meetings aims to give a secular voice to the various positions on the topic of gender and sexuality, through a discussion involving psychoanalysisphilosophy, the humanities and medicine.


Sergio Benvenuto – Fabrice Bourlez – Raffaele Bracalenti – Arturo Casoni
Fernando Castrillón – Adele Nunziante Cesaro – Massimo Clerici
Giulio Corrivetti – Emanuela Fraire – Anna Maria Giannini
Patricia Gherovici – Stefano Guerra
Franco Lolli –  Rita Roncone – Élisabeth Roudinesco

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