Rhizomes/Neworks/Correspondence: Authorship and the Role of Journals in the Life of Psychoanalysis

How do the mutually-implicated practices of authorship, publication, reading, and critique contribute to the elucidation of our clinical practices? What is the place of psychoanalytic writing in the larger social field(s) that we engage in? As always, psychoanalysis finds itself in a twin moment of crisis and remarkable growth and elaboration. Few would contest the notion that these are stimulating and provocative times in our field, and psychoanalytic journals are consistently at the forefront of the many transformations that are afoot, allowing psychoanalysts to not only stay current with developments in their field, but also facilitating their contributions in a manner befitting their position as psychoanalyst. In addition to interrogating this dual function of the psychoanalytic journal, Benvenuto & Castrillón will speak to the creation of networks and practices of correspondence that are often an outgrowth of the psychoanalytic journal and which sustain theoretical and clinical exploration whilst maintaining a firm footing in the traditions and lineages that are at the core of our praxes.

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European Journal of Psychoanalysis