Table of Contents (Number 23)

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Is Psychoanalysis Really Outmoded?
Apropos 150th Anniversary of Freud’s Birth
Slavoj Zizek


Guest Editors: Anthony Molino and Alfredo Lombardozzi


Editor’s Note

Alfredo Lombardozzi


The Repression of Culture

Waud Kracke


Contaminating Genres: Reflections on Ethnography, Literature & Psychoanalysis

Anthony Molino


Growing Up on the Border
Identity routes in immigrant children: a psycho-anthropological study

Virginia De Micco


The Flexibility of Narrative Time in Science Fiction Film

Haim Bresheeth


Why are Holy Anorectics So Plump?
Pathology & Culture among Female Penitents in Medieval Catholicism

Gananath Obeyesekere


Cruelty, Its Origins, Its Fates

René Major


Anthropology and the Human Imagination

Benjamin Kilborne


Paths of Power: Psychoanalysis and Sorcery

Marie Coleman Nelson




Moments of the Self: A Conversation with Vincent Crapanzano

Anthony Molino




Ernesto De Martino, The Land of Remorse

Wesley Shumar

Patricia Gherovici, The Puerto Rican Syndrome

Janet Thormann


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