Table of Contents (Number 32)

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Special issue: Lacan and Philosophy: The New Generation

Issue editor: Lorenzo Chiesa


Editorial Introduction. Towards a New Philosophical-Psychoanalytic Materialism and Realism

Lorenzo Chiesa

Realism in Psychoanalysis

Alenka Zupancic


Accesses to the Real: Lacan, Monotheism, and Predestination

Felix Ensslin


On Deep History and Lacan

Adrian Johnston


Structure and Genesis in Derrida and Lacan: Animality and the Empirical Sciences

Michael Lewis

Jacques Lacan’s 

Matteo Bonazzi


The Subject of Logic: The Object (Lacan with Kant and Frege)

Guillaume Collett


Metapsychology of Freedom: Symptom and Subjectivity in Lacan

Raoul Moati


Wounds of Testimony and Martyrs of the Unconscious: Lacan and Pasolini contra the Discourse of Freedom

Lorenzo Chiesa


The Field and Function of the Slave in the Écrits

Justin Clemens


The School and the Act

Oliver Feltham

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