Table of Contents (Number 1)

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Narcissistic Personality Disorders
Otto Kernberg


Narcissistic Personalities: A discussion with Otto Kernberg
Pietro Bria, Sergio De Risio & Alberto Siracusano


The Myth of Narcissism: A Methodological Analysis
Zvi Lothane


Creativity and Orthodoxy
Ignacio Matte Blanco


The Imaginary and the Unimaginable:
The Mathemathics of the Imaginary
and the Problem of the Unconscious in Matte Blanco
Pietro Bria & Sergio De Risio


Narcissus and Pygmalion
Giorgio Agamben


Two Interviews with Isabelle Stengers:
Time and the Plurality of Sciences
The Psychoanalysts’ Narcissistic Wound


Introduction to Françoise Dolto’s Work


The Mirror’s Child
Françoise Dolto & Juan-David Nasio


Freud’s Concept of “Narcissism”
Sergio Benvenuto




Richard Boothby:
Death and Desire – Psychoanalitic Theory in Lacan’s Return To Freud
Marcella Tarozzi-Goldsmith


Zvi Lothane:
In Defense of Schreber: Soul Murder and Psychiatry
Alexander Papp


Elisabeth Roudinesco:
Jacques lacan, Esquisse d’une Vie, Histoire d’un Système de Pensée
Per Magnus Johansson


Jacques Bouveresse:
Philosophie, Mythologie et Pseudo-Science
Sergio Benvenuto


Aldo Carotenuto:
Kant’s Dove. The History of Transference in Psychoanalysis
Giorgio Mosconi & Joan Tambureno


Collège International de Philosophie, ed.:
Lacan avec les philosophes
Fulvio Marone

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