Dear readers

Our new Journal will continue, ideally, 18 years of work first initiated in 1995 with the ‘Journal of European Psychoanalysis’ and then later with ‘JEP. European Journal of Psychoanalysis’—32 issues in all.

Now, the publishers (both on-line and on-paper) have changed, and we also have a new Editor-in-Chief and ‘Direttore Responsabile’ (Managing Editor), as well as a new Editorial Board. But the essential line and ‘philosophy’ of the previous two journals remain the same.

European Journal of Psychoanalysis represents our will and hope to improve and enlarge the scope of our interests, collaboration and contributions, and to welcome even more proposals for contributions from around the world. In fact, along with our re-born Journal in English, we now also have a Russian version which is published mainly in Kiev (Ukraine)—you will find herein the announcement of the first issue of our ‘twin’.

We hope for the continuing interest of our past readers, and thought it would be appropriate, along these lines, to publish at the start of this issue an essay by our previous editor, Sergio Benvenuto, on ‘Managing a journal without a “soul”’ (published in Spanish years ago), wherein he describes the aim and the ambitions of our Institute and of our Journal, which is now entering its third Avatar.


The Editorial Board of ‘EJP. European Journal of Psychoanalysis’

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