July 2020 - October 2021

Enduring Pandemic: Further Transmissions from Psychoanalysts & Philosophers

“Beyond a certain threshold, immunization can harm society, turning the necessary protection into a form of autoimmune disease.”

“The COVID pandemic is throwing us headfirst into a change that was already underway, and which in the near future will change our lives even more radically.”

"This pure event is beyond the reach (re-territorialization) of every economy, calculation, measure, or comparison.”

“Only when the real is “unmasked” does self-knowledge arise, which relativizes the pleasurable but sometimes hazardous naivety of Covidiocy.”

How and in what mode could psychoanalytical theory and psychoanalytical practice explain and remedy what happens to us because of this virus?”

The cinematic effect of the screen appeared to infuse the transference and countertransference with a richness and aliveness, states of playing and reverie, that was both surprising and welcomed.

Our unavoidable porousness to each other necessitates new frontiers of kinship, solidarity, comradery, friendship, intimacy, and sym-pathy (literally, feeling together).

European Journal of Psychoanalysis