April - July 2020

Psychoanalysts Facing Coronavirus

“The apocalypse also stimulates the genius of the human mind.”

“I have been affected by the experience of facing death in consequence of covid-19 and the experience of recovery during the days that followed.”

“What could it possibly mean to philosophize about the COVID-19 pandemic?”

“Supreme ignorant arrogant confidence there will be another time.”

"The nature of the disturbance was not what they imagined, not a crashing or a trauma but a slow displacement, a subtle and gradual disorientation."

“Hoping that a new beginning for the entire humanity can arise from the ashes of a cultural apocalypse now manifest to all, and in a critical phase.”

“[W]e are interested in specifying what is human in the human, especially when biology threatens its existence and when the human being is excluded as a species.”

“It is therefore urgent to erect a sanitary barrier against the use of that term.”

“What we lose in the West, and what the Chinese gain, can teach us in return, in a circular movement, something about the human condition in the world.”

European Journal of Psychoanalysis