A Tribute to Jean-Luc Nancy


Editor’s Note

Fernando Castrillón

Jean-Luc Nancy passed away on August 23, 2021 at the age of 81. Nancy had been generously active and present on the international cultural scene until the end, and his collaboration with our journal (EJP) and webinar on Mass Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego in its centenary, were perhaps the last initiatives he participated in, and for which he wrote. His contributions range fr…


For Jean-Luc Nancy

Cristiana Cimino

It rarely happens, after adolescence and early youth, that an encounter with a thought leaves traces that make a difference in one’s way of thinking and with which one never stops coming to terms with, whether one wants to or not. When I was young it happened to me with Freud, with Lacan, with Foucault and I could name others. As an adult, with Fachinelli and Derrida. Certainly with Jea…


Jean-Luc Nancy: The Thought of the Body

Federico Leoni

Original text in Italian: https://www.doppiozero.com/materiali/jean-luc-nancy-il-pensiero-del-corpo)  


Longing for the Father

Jean-Luc Nancy

1 Vatersehnsucht: This is how Freud designates [1] the first relationship – primal, archaic in the most literal sense – indispensable for the constitution of identity (of an individual or an ego). In response to this unrepresentable longing, we have only substitutes: the ego ideal, God, the leader, as well as “father” in all the senses of the word. Of course, Freud knows, as we all do, …


Nostalgie du père [en français]

Jean-Luc Nancy

Contribution de Jean-Luc Nancy au webinar Soggetto e Masse / Le sujet et les masses Pour le Centenaire de la publication de “Psychologie des foules et analyse du Moi” de S. Freud Webinar du 23 april 2021 www.massenpsychologie.com


Answers by Jean-Luc Nancy

Jean-Luc Nancy

I – As a philosopher, what is it that interests you in psychoanalysis, and why? For me Freud is the philosopher of metapsychology and the magnificent successor of thedrive, which became manifest with Kant and since then has never ceased to shift Being…   II – What is the most significant contribution that philosophy has made to psychoanalysis, at least from your personal approach t…


God, Charlie, No One

Jean-Luc Nancy

We would like to present not the model, but the guiding idea, questionable and transformable, of an elementary guide for everybody’s use, in a secular regime, of confessional plurality and freed [délié, “untied,” “loose”] thinking. “Gelobt seist du, Niemand”, «Blessed art thou, No-one [Personne][1]»: this verse by Paul Celan appears in the poem Psalm.  The formula, like in most of the p…


Jacques Derrida (1930 – 2004)

Jean-Luc Nancy & Sergio Benvenuto

A Conversation between Sergio Benvenuto and Jean-Luc Nancy   Sergio Benvenuto:   Could you describe briefly your personal relationship with Jacques Derrida?  What aspect of his personality struck you most? Jean-Luc Nancy:  Jacques Derrida always struck me as an indivisible block of thought and personality.  With Derrida I never made a distinction between the man and his work, nor w…


From Where is Psychoanalysis Possible?

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe & Jean-Luc Nancy

(Part II of “The Jewish People Do Not Dream”)[1] Summary: The possibility of a theory of sociality and the question of the position of analysis are linked for Freud to the question of Jewish identity. In Moses and Monotheism the Jewish people are constituted through the adoption of the patronymic in an operation that is simultaneously a depropriation and an identification: the founding …

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