Recent Publications by EJP Colleagues


Real Love: Essays on Psychoanalysis, Religion, Society

Duane Rousselle

Duane Rousselle Real Love: Essays on Psychoanalysis, Religion, Society Think Media Series | Paperback – December 2021 | 154 pages| ISBN 1777630207 | ISBN-978-1777630201


The Autistic Mirror in the Real: Autism in Lacan’s Mirror Stage.

Leon Brenner

Brenner, L. (2021). The autistic mirror in the real: Autism in Lacan’s mirror stage. Theory & Psychology. 2021;31(6):950-972. doi:10.1177/09593543211034569


The Impossibility of Multiracial Democracy

Chris Chamberlin

Chamberlin, C. (2021). The Impossibility of Multiracial Democracy. Postmodern Culture 32(1), doi:10.1353/pmc.2021.0011.


Neglect: Reflections between Neurosciences and Philosophy

Sergio Benvenuto

– S. Benvenuto, “Neglect: Reflections Between Neurosciences and Philosophy”, American Imago, Fall 2021, vol. 78, n. 3, pp. 447-462.

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