Philosophical Conversations


A Good Use of Philosophical Pleasures: A Conversation with Richard Rorty

Sergio Benvenuto

A Conversation between Sergio Benvenuto and Richard  Rorty   This conversation, held in Rome on June 7, 1997, deals only marginally with psychoanalysis. Yet, as in our previously published interviews with philosophers, it situates Rorty’s appreciation of psychoanalysis in its philosophical context.    Sergio BENVENUTO: What is the importance ofFreud in our time? Why are you so…


Interview with Axel Honneth

Inara Luisa Marin

Inara Luisa Marin. You have shown a strong interest in psychoanalysis, especially after your book The Struggle for Recognition, where it takes the form of a discussion about the works of the American psychoanalyst Jessica Benjamin and those of D. H. Winnicott about object relations. Afterwards you have written various texts in which you engage in a discussion with psychoanalysis (with F…

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