Dogmatic Montages as a Challenge to Psychoanalysis

“Zero” by Stephen Mosblech Summary: This is about an entire programme in the etymological sense of pre-script – meaning a preceding script, command and arrangement at the same time – and it is not certain whether psychoanalysts have always complied with this agenda. What constitutes this programme? It understands the unconscious as the effect of a transmission, of the passin…

André Michels

“Before the Law, there stands a doorkeeper. A countryman comes, begging admittance to the Law. But the doorkeeper cannot admit him.” Franz Kafka, Vor dem Gesetz (1912, p.211)   This is the opening of “Before the Law”, a short tale which originally belonged to a draft of Kafka’s “The Trial”. He decided to cut it off because it could work as an abstract of the novel itsel…

Pietro Andujar
On Psychoanalytical Formation and its Regulation in Italy

Summary: Based on some consideration into the Italian law 56/89 which regulates the training of psychotherapists, this paper tries to demonstrate  – contrary to what is commonly stated – that psychoanalysis cannot be subjected to a pattern of training without perverting the nature of its own essence. At the same time the author wonders about his own experience in psychoanalytic associat…

Sergio Contardi
European Journal of Psychoanalysis