Autistic Rims and Their Vicissitudes

Summary: According to Lacan, the rim of the drive is involved in the initiation and preservation of the relationship between the body and language. In the study of autism, a major hypothesis states that the rim of the drive is foreclosed for the autistic subject. This foreclosure causes the drive circuit to short-circuit, thus jeopardizing the preservation of the relationship between th…

Leon Brenner
General Model of the Psychic Being within a Transformative Theory of Rationality

Summary: This paper presents a model of  psychological relationships within the framework of transformative rationality, as being embedded in Hegel’s philosophy of mind. It is based on Laplanche’s fundamental anthropological situation with the enigmatic message of the Other, and the translation of these contents from the enclaved unconscious into the conscious mind, including the repres…

Lutz Goetzmann
The Crux of the Matter: Lacan’s Dialectical Materialism of the Signifier

Summary: Is the signifier real? Is it ontologically different from matter? How does one affect the other? This article examines the particular materialism developed by Lacan via his references to machines and apparatuses, flows and power plants, cars and signifier highways. By situating Lacan’s materialism in a broader historical context and philosophical debate, this article argues for…

Florian Endres
Orgasming into the Fire / Evacuating into the Abyss: A Pith Extraction on Listening to the Body as the World in Psychoanalysis

Summary:  Logic is a form of stupidity that separates each event from itself through the condition of opposites until everything is a living mirror.

Stephen Mosblech
With Lacan: a Novel, a Play and a Testimony

Summary: This article considers the trajectory of the author’s experience from being in analysis with Lacan in Paris in the 1970s through its narrative representations in novel, theater and film forms.

Betty Milan
Against Cartography: Decoloniality in the Lacanian Account of Transference in Seminar XI

Summary: This paper considers the decolonial potential in the Lacanian account of transference through revisiting how Lacan accounts for the deceptiveness of the visual field in Seminar XI by historicising the imaginary. Of particular significance is his reference to the anamorphosis in Hans Holbein’s The Ambassadors to describe the gaze, a reference which brings the early modern rivalr…

Ahmad Fuad Rahmat
“I Feel Love”: A Musical-Psychoanalytic Meditation

Summary:  This article approaches the themes of love and eroticism by combining philosophical, psychoanalytic, and musical sources. Beginning with Ficino’s statement that we all love badly and “continovamente”, we ask whether erotic experience is capable of generating truly new encounters. The repetition of the same failures, stumbles and disappointments seems to support the idea that l…

Chiara Bottici & Guilherme Massara Rocha
Book Review Essay: Through the Looking-Glass Darkly, on “Jouissance: Sexuality, Suffering, and Satisfaction” by Darian Leader

Review of Jouissance: Sexuality, Suffering, and Satisfaction by Darian Leader, Routledge, 2021 138 pp.

David Lichtenstein
Book Review Essay: “Human Virtuality and Digital Life: Philosophical and Psychoanalytic Investigations” by Richard Frankel and Victor J. Krebs

Review of  Human Virtuality and Digital Life: Philosophical and Psychoanalytic Investigations by Richard Frankel and Victor Krebs, Routledge, 2021 286 pp.

Nicolle Zapien
Book Review Essay: The Ecstasies of Deconstruction, on “The Deconstruction of Sex” by Jean-Luc Nancy and Irving Goh

Review of Deconstruction of Sex by Jean-Luc Nancy and Irving Goh, Duke University Press 2021 120 pp.

Benedetta Todaro
Book Review Essay: “Real Love: Essays on Psychoanalysis, Religion, Society” by Duane Rousselle

Review of Real Love: Essays on Psychoanalysis, Religion, Society by Duane Rousselle, Atropos Press, 2021 154 pp.   

Mark Gerard Murphy
Book Review Essay: Shuffling with Wittgenstein, on “Wittgenstein’s Liberatory Philosophy – Thinking Through His Philosophical Investigations” by Rupert Read

Review of Wittgenstein’s Liberatory Philosophy – Thinking Through His Philosophical Investigations by Rupert Read, Routledge, 2020 404 pp.   

Hannes Nykänen
European Journal of Psychoanalysis