Edición en español de la EJP

Spanish Edition of EJP

Esta sección de la revista, dedicada al pensamiento latinoamericano, está compuesta por textos preeminentes redactados en español. Las selecciones se cohesionan en torno a la tarea de teorizar la clínica y, fiel a su estilo, este ensamblaje de textos sustenta la posición heterodoxa de la revista dentro del psicoanálisis.


This new section of the journal, dedicated to Latin American thought, will feature preeminent texts composed in Spanish. The selections cohere around the task of theorizing the clinic, and true to form, this assemblage of texts sustains the journal’s heterodox position within psychoanalysis.

Sexuality, Speech, Truth, Violence

In this upcoming Feature section of our Salon, a number of essays, art works, and commentary reflect upon current political developments concerning the rights to and of the (sexed) body.


#MeToo and its aftermath as well as the growing ban on abortion in the United States, confront us with what lays at the heart of psychoanalysis: How to deal with these violent intruders: language and sexuality?

Climate Catastrophe and Psychoanalysis

In this upcoming Discourse section in our Salon, we will feature essays addressing the increasingly dire global climate catastrophe and what psychoanalysis may have to say to and about it.

European Journal of Psychoanalysis