Jean-Luc Nancy

Viral Exception

(Published in Italian on “Antinomie”,



Giorgio Agamben, an old friend, argues that the coronavirus is hardly different from a …
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“Ricordi un periodo così pieno di morte come questo?” Così scrisse Freud agli inizi del 1920, dopo la morte della figlia Sophie a causa della cosiddetta Influenza Spagnola, …
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“Can you remember a time so full of death as the present one?” wrote Freud in early 1920, after the death of his daughter Sophie from the so-called Spanish Flu, …
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May 1- May 18, 2020,

in reference to Nestor Braunstein,

« Tampoco el psicoanálisis volverá a ser lo que era »

(Psychoanalysis, too, will never be the same)

Screened …
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Peering into and Breathing in the Cloud

Whenever scholars, politicians, and the media scramble to get a handle on a crisis, they often resort to what Marshall McLuhan characterized …
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While quarantined and watching content on public TV, Australian viewers would have been confronted with the following slogan or mantra: “Stay home. Protect our health system. Save lives.” It …
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Versione italiana dell’intervento al webinar “Is it possible to talk about Evil in the time of pandemic?”


Evil, in inglese, è quasi il sostantivo di bad, cattivo. Evil, il …
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Appeared originally in special edition of L’Arche, no. 681, May/June 2020 entitled “The Day After”


Paule-Henriette Lévy (L’Arche):

A significant number of elderly people died during this pandemic. What …
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Speech at the webinar UNESCO

29 June 2020


Evil is a noun that evokes something general, philosophical, transcending all bad things. More than bad, an adjective.  When, in a …
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Closed. Il mondo degli umani si è fermato, a cura di Fabio Benincasa e Giorgio De Finis, Castelvecchi, Roma 2020.



Prefazione di Fabio …
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