Image and Imagination in Wittgenstein and Freud

Carlo Sini


The Speaking Lion

Mladen Dolar


Freud’s Dangerous Pupil

Hannes Nykänen


A Critique of the Meaningful Reason.

Is Wittgenstein’s a Perspicuous Representation of Freud’s thought? [already published]

Sergio Benvenuto


Philosophy as Therapy.  

On some Analogies between Wittgenstein and Freud

Davide Sparti

Touchy subjects:

A ‘Freudian’ Wittgenstein, a ‘Wittgensteinian’ Freud

Joel Backström


Back to the Future of Illusion.

Where Freud and Wittgenstein meet without knowing it

Robert Pfaller


Telling the Truth about Truth.

The Philosopher’s Frame and the Analyst’s Speech

Federico Leoni


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