Pietro Andujar


“He had thought that the law was to be accessible  to everybody”

Jean-Jacques Blévis


On Psychoanalytical Formation and its Regulation in Italy

Sergio Contardi


Psychoanalysis and the Impossible Subject of Law. The Regulation of the Title of Psycho-therapist by the State and its Implications for Psycho-analysis in France   

Mathias Couturier and Marie-Noël Godet


Dogmatic Montages as a  Challenge to Psychoanalysis

André Michels


Analytic Act, Juridical Act: Paradoxes, Aporias, Contradictions

Paola Mieli


Care, Training and Research.Freud and the Actual Situation of Psychoanalysis

Ettore Perrella


Does Psychoanalysis Carry Out an Order? On the Law Concerning the Profession

of Psychotherapy in Germany

Claus-Dieter Rath


Training as a Psychoanalytical Way Through the Language: the Neverending Space of the Word

Giovanni Sias



Jean Laplanche (1924-2012)

Fulvio Marone (1953-2013)


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