Edited by A. Sforza Tarabochia


Freud, Rilke and Transcience

Elvio Fachinelli


Freud, the Aim and the End

Sergio Benvenuto


Machiavelli, Strauss, and the Beginning of the Human World

Luigi Antonello Armando


On the Question of the Future of Psychoanalysis: Some Reflections on Jacques Lacan

Jamieson Webster


On the Aim and End of Analysis in the Lacanian School

Raul Moncayo


Termination in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: An Attachment Perspective

Jeremy Holmes

Kant and the Idea of The End

Andrea Tagliapietra





Islamism Revisited: A Lacanian Discourse Critique

Andrea Mura


Spinoza with Luther? Desire and the Problem of Evil in Lacan’s Seminar on ‘Ethics of Psychoanalysis’

Herman Westerink


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