March 2021

The European Journal of Psychoanalysis together with the Foundation of California Psychoanalysis held a Symposium dedicated to the translation into English of Jouissance: A Lacanian Concept, by Néstor Braunstein. Panelists included: Néstor Braunstein, Silvia Rosman, Ian Parker and Fernando Castrillón. This Symposium took place online on March 20, 2021 from 9:00 am – 11:30 am PST. The following are the texts as they were given at the Symposium.

Jouissance: A Lacanian Concept

Néstor Braunstein

Good morning (or good afternoon). Indeed, I cannot decide where or at what time you are now. Anyway, whether if you are nesting with a mug of coffee after breakfast on the West Coast or a cup of tea after brunch on the East Coast, thank you to everybody and to each one of you for being here, in this telematic event, an equivalent or semblance of a real meeting, aiming at the introductio…

Not-All Jouissance

Silvia Rossman

First and foremost, I would like to thank Fernando Castrillón and the European Journal of Psychoanalysis for organizing this event commemorating the publication of Néstor’s Braunstein’s book into English, as well as his kind invitation. Although the French and Portuguese translations, as well as the original Spanish version of Jouissance: A Lacanian Concept have been available for many …

Of Jouissance

Ian Parker

To contribute to a discussion about Néstor Braunstein’s book Jouissance: A Lacanian Concept gives me peculiar pleasure. Some edge of anxiety too, of course. Among other things, the book is about boundaries, the boundaries we must create to demarcate the inside from the outside, to become subjects, and the transgression of those boundaries.  In February 1991, that is thirty years ago, I …

The (Mis)Translation of Jouissance

Fernando Castrillón

There is no precise, single word in English for jouissance, in the sense that Lacan used it. This fact alone is worthy of our interest. What is it about the English language that disallows the specificity of the term as used by Lacan in the French? What does French know that English does not; and of course, vice-versa? And to ask the ill-tempered question: does this “living part of a su…

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