Jan 2021 - Dec 2021

A series of talks in webinar format by distinguished psychoanalysts and philosophers marking the 100 year anniversary of Freud’s landmark work.

Retracing the Unary Trait On Lacan’s Reading of Freud’s ‘Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego’

Dany Nobus

Intervention by Dany Nobus, 8 October 2021, 18,00 Italian hour (CET) Retracing the Unary Trait: On Lacan’s Reading of Freud’s ‘Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego’   When it came to evaluating the quality of his own works, Freud was generally rather harsh and distinctly self-deprecating, insofar as he often shared with one or the other correspondent his profound disappoint…

Freud’s Massenpsychologie and Lacan’s “Patristic” Exegesis

John Gale

First of all, I would like to thank the organisers and particularly Cristiana Cimino for inviting me to make a contribution by responding to Professor Nobus’ presentation. It is an honour, although I am very aware that I have a limited ability to do so. I should like to start by dwelling for a moment a paragraph from the advanced notice: In order to recover this lost clinical dimension …

Longing for the Father

Jean-Luc Nancy

1 Vatersehnsucht: This is how Freud designates [1] the first relationship – primal, archaic in the most literal sense – indispensable for the constitution of identity (of an individual or an ego). In response to this unrepresentable longing, we have only substitutes: the ego ideal, God, the leader, as well as “father” in all the senses of the word. Of course, Freud knows, as we all do, …

On Freud’s Group Psychology: A Debate

Jean-Luc Nancy, Divya Dwivedi, Sergio Benvenuto

This debate started after the webinar on “Subject and Masses” that took place on April 23, 2021, and which featured talks by Jean-Luc Nancy, Divya Dwivedi and Sergio Benvenuto. You can find the speeches in: J.-L. Nancy, in French, D. Dwivedi,…

Centenaire de « Psychologie des foules et analyse du moi »

Sergio Benvenuto

Webinar du 23 avril 2021   L’essai intitulé « Psychologie des foules et analyse du moi » n’a pas eu l’influence qu’il méritait, car la lecture de la psychanalyse en terme politique au cours du siècle dernier a été dominée par le freudo-marxisme. Et, comme cela apparaîtra clairement, ce texte de Freud ne sert pas le freudo-marxisme. Freud semble ici reprendre un thème qui questionna…

Sur “Massenpsychologie”. Un débat après-coup

Jean-Luc Nancy, Sergio Benvenuto, Divya Dwivedi

Echange de lettres après le webinar du 23 avril 2021, “Le sujet et les masses”     JEAN-LUC NANCY (24 avril 2021) : chers Sergio et Divya, je voudrais ajouter quelques mots plus précis à la discussion d’hier puisque le temps a manqué : la preuve évidente que Freud ne s’occupe pas de la politique dans Massenpsychologie (ni ailleurs) c’est qu’il prend les cas exemplarismes pour…

Nostalgie du père [en français]

Jean-Luc Nancy

Pour le Centenaire de la publication de “Psychologie des foules et analyse du Moi” de S. Freud Webinar du 23 april 2021 1 Vatersehnsucht : Freud désigne ainsi[1] le rapport premier – originaire, archaïque au sens le plus propre – que toute constitution d’identité (d’un individu, d’un moi) implique nécessairement. Par rapport à cette nostalgie irreprésentable nous ne connaissons que de…

“A Mystery of Mysteries!–”

Divya Dwivedi

This phrase forms the last verse of a poem by Edgar Allen Poe and it is the title under which I would like to make the following reflections. What hovers over this phrase is of course the very title of the poem which is about the one and the many: ‘Spirits of the Dead’. What is Massenpsychologie und ‘Ich’-Analysis? How to remember after 100 years a text which is about archaic memory of…

One Hundred Years of “Group Psychology and The Analysis of The Ego”: With Addendum

Sergio Benvenuto

The essay Group Psychology and The Analysis of The Ego failed to influence the broader cultural scene as it should have because in the last hundred years or so readings of psychoanalysis in a political key have been dominated by Freudo-Marxism. And, as we shall clearly see, this Freudian text does not play into the hands of Freudo-Marxism. Here Freud seems to take up again a theme that …

Politics and the Individual in the Twentieth Century

Giovanni Orsini

Summary: The liberal state, writes the jurist Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde, is nourished by presuppositions that it cannot itself guarantee: it functions if it is inhabited by individuals of a certain “moral substance”, but is unable to construct them. Freud’s essay on group psychology and the analysis of the ego is at the root of that contradiction. It is not by chance that it was publis…

From a Community of Citizens to a Network of Users

Benjamin Y. Fong

Intervention for the webinar on 9 April 2021, “Subject and Masses”

No Leaders/No Masses: Virtuality and Contemporary Group Life in the Shadow of Freud

Fernando Castrillón

Intervention for the webinar on 9 April 2021, “Subject and Masses”   Summary:One hundred years ago, Freud traced an outline of power, group-cohesion, identification, and a form of the subjective/social bond. A century later, digital commodity capitalism and hyper-modernity have served to undermine the position and properties of both leader and…

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